Robert is a husband and father.
He knows what it’s like to suffer from debilitating migraines, having experienced them for most of his life.

As is the case with many children who suffer from migraines, he was told early on that the episodes were just headaches, and a normal part of growing up. In time, they would simply go away. But they didn’t.

And at the peak of his suffering, he was experiencing a debilitating migraine almost daily, robbing him of the most precious commodity of them all – time. The migraines didn’t just take a toll on him. They affected every aspect of his family life and career.

As the episodes became more difficult, he turned to the medical profession for answers. After spending years going from one doctor to the next and exhausting all possible options, he was confronted with the harsh reality that the migraines were there to stay. According to those who claimed to know, the best thing for him to do was to quit looking for answers and simply make use of available migraine medication that, at least, would alleviate the pain. But due to difficult side effects, he was forced to choose between the pain from the migraines and the pain from the medication.

This ultimately led him to develop his own process for dealing with the migraines.

Early on, when he set out to manage his own migraine episodes, he realized that there were a number of governing rules that had to be followed if he was ever going to experience any success.

Out of necessity and desperation, Robert came up with a life changing process to take back control of his own life. As a result, he experienced a dramatic decline in the frequency of his episodes.

In presenting the DATA protocol, he’s laying out the road map migraine sufferers, their families, and loved ones can take to effectively reduce the impact of the migraines and improve their own lives. Using the DATA Protocol, he’s embarking on a journey to help as many migraine sufferers as possible finally make progress.