Are you playing The Migraine Game?

As migraine sufferers, we continue to play a game that is rigged. And everyone else keeps winning. But as we play this losing game, more and more time, our most precious resource, is wasted. How much time have we lost? How much of our money has been wasted during that time?

The house doesn’t always have to win. We must play our own game, take back what is ours, and invest it to build a prosperous future.

This book lays out simple steps that every migraine sufferer can begin today to reduce migraines without medication. It’s about a proper structure and includes a step-by-step process that can finally help you move past all the pipe-dreams and silver bullets.

This protocol is about keeping score so that we don’t lose track of what is important.

This is about your well-being and it’s about your family’s future.

It’s about finally creating that long-term plan and executing it in order to achieve everything you want in your future.

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